Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Name Change

My horse passed away in May, and since then I have wondered if I should take the blog down or just call this chapter in my life closed.

I can't make myself do it. I am a horsewoman, that's who I am. I am also a horsewoman in a difficult place in life. I do not own my own property and my financial situation is such that that it would not be responsible for me to take on another horse, as much as I'd like one. So for the time being my saddles, bits, harnesses, cart are all collecting dust. But I am bent on not keeping them that way forever.

Ultimately I intend to study Equine Science. I'll get an associates in Vet Tech and then a bachelors in Equine Science with a Management emphasis. Now, in my last go around with collage education I was a multi-media/animation major. It's kind of a 360 to equine science, I'll give you that, and some might worry about the kind of jobs are available. But I've come to the conclusion that there are very few sure things in life. I've had more than one friend go to collage and get a degree in something they didn't enjoy because it was a "solid" career field. Only to burn out or to go though all of that and have their life go off in an incredibly different direction.

The world has decided that a person needs to have a degree to be any good, I might as well study something that I have a drive and a passion for. Getting myself back on a educational path is not going to be simple. My last foray into the horse world left a pretty ugly mark on my collage transcript, which is my fault. There are still a lot of things about my life that need sorted out but for the first time since I graduated high school I feel like I have a direction, it only took years to figure it out.

These next few months will be exciting, things will be happening that I'm sure will make dramatic changes in my life.

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Promise said...

Follow your heart.

It's cliche, but also very true. I can sense the excitement in your writing. It's one thing to have a job that pays the bills, and another thing to have a career you love and are passionate about. It's very rare to do something you love and also get paid for it. If you've found that avenue, don't let it go.