Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Moving Along

Greetings to you my faithful few followers. Thank you for reading. I'm posting to tell you that the majority of blogging efforts will be moving to my official Horseless Horsewoman Blog. This blog, which I have changed back to it's original title, "The Price of Fame" will still remain public and I will be completing the telling of Fame's story, otherwise it will be mostly in memoriam.

I have opted to start a new blog because I am starting a new horse adventure. A new beginning. I would love for you all to join me.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A My Little Pony Problem

I may just have a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic addiction that compels me to draw ponies. My old pony drawn as a My Little Pony.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Occasionally Crafty: Christmas Stockings

I sew and I craft from time to time and have collected several crafts and taken pictures with the intent to post them on my blog, but I put it off and I forget. No more! I'm taking the plunge and introducing a new feature, "Occasionally Crafty". I will post some of my favorite projects and we'll see how this goes.

To kick off this new feature I thought I'd start with a holiday project.

To preface in August my family got a new family member, a West Highland White Terrier named Maisie. At the onset of the holiday season I came to the realization that our new little family member lacked a homemade Christmas stocking to match the ones my mother made years ago. I procured the supplies some hunter green quilted fabric, white sparkly fabric, red fabric with puppy paws on it, and an assortment of buttons. Since my mother made and designed these years before I had access to a pattern.

I cut it out, I appliqued a bone on to it, and sewed on ribbon, patches and buttons. Sewed the cuff on the the white lining , sewed it all together, turned it. Tada!

Look a stocking.

My mother wanted to make another stocking for my grandma who is visiting, she cut it out and I designed the applique. She didn't have time to finish so I finished it for her.

Another Stocking! Yay!

Both Stockings.

Maisie Approved.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


With every change of the seasons I cannot help thinking about Fame. In the spring it saddens me to see the green green grass and I miss sitting on the plush foliage and listening to the sound of my horse chewing as he enjoyed the fresh green blades. I miss the way he'd eat in a circle around where I was sitting, never wanting to be far from me. In the summer I miss brisk jogs on the path behind the barn as the sun filters through the boughs of the aspen trees. I miss the jingle of harness parts, the squeak of leather and the clatter of the buggy.

It's fall now and Fame would have just been putting on his winter coat. Plush and fuzzy, I'd complain that he looked like a moose , but love it anyway. I could spend forever brushing him, and stroking that soft silky fur while is head rested gently on my shoulder. He would sign deeply and in great satisfaction. In winter I would tuck my cold hands underneath his blanket and absorb his heat and his smell. He was like a ray of sunshine to bust through the winter grey. I would anticipate spring when I could spend copious amounts of time with a shedding blade. The dead winter hair coming off in clouds and little by little my sleek, handsome, red-bay horse would reemerge, leaving his moose guise on the ground.

I lived for these moments. It gave me a reason to crawl out of bed in the morning, to trudge through another lousy day at work. To lift that manure fork one more time even if I was past exhaustion. I didn't feel so forsaken and alone. I had friends at the barn who understood my passion, and recognized my gifts and talents. They didn't try to stamp out my fire for the sake of "usefulness".

When I was sad I'd escape to the barn for a while and come back settled. Now I just eat.

Fame made me a better me. I miss him.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

At night I often find myself dreaming about him.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dog Sick

So my my parents/landlords have finally consented to getting another dog.

At first I was skeptical.

It is an exceedingly difficult thing being the only animal lover in a house where pets are thought of little more than a nuisance and just another chore/mouth to feed/creature to clean up after. They fail to see the value of a wet nose and a wiggly but. In many ways it makes me feel even more alone.

I had the worlds greatest dog for 10 years. When I moved out for the first time Laika went with me. She was always at my side, and watching over me when I slept. She was a friend and confidant(dogs are the best keeper of secrets), my furry foot warmer, and the prewasher of all my dishes(I did wash them after she was done with them). She was my family. She passed away in November of last year. I miss her terribly. I think at some point at part of me decided that she'd be with me always. When I thought of my future there was always a wagging tail to greet me at the door. I have shed many a tear over her in the last 10 months. Her absence has left me rather forlorn.

I know another dog could never replace her but it'll certainly help me heal.

Worlds Best Dog

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

Sigh. If I had the time and the money I would have loved to be there. A few years ago I went with my barn as a groom and while it was difficult work it was an awesome experience. I have a goal to make it back there someday. But the next time I set foot at Westworld I hope it is as a competitor.

In the meantime I am greatly enjoying watching the live feed. So far I've seen some wonderful classes. I just watched a saddle seat equitation class that was great. I've also watched some English pleasure and Country English pleasure. I also got to see one on my old barn mates take a top ten ribbon. I also liked the Youth Showmanship classes as well. Sadly I haven't seen any driving classes yet, but the show is not over. I'm also looking forward to seeing some reining and cow work. :)

Here's to another week of horse show!