Saturday, December 24, 2011

Occasionally Crafty: Christmas Stockings

I sew and I craft from time to time and have collected several crafts and taken pictures with the intent to post them on my blog, but I put it off and I forget. No more! I'm taking the plunge and introducing a new feature, "Occasionally Crafty". I will post some of my favorite projects and we'll see how this goes.

To kick off this new feature I thought I'd start with a holiday project.

To preface in August my family got a new family member, a West Highland White Terrier named Maisie. At the onset of the holiday season I came to the realization that our new little family member lacked a homemade Christmas stocking to match the ones my mother made years ago. I procured the supplies some hunter green quilted fabric, white sparkly fabric, red fabric with puppy paws on it, and an assortment of buttons. Since my mother made and designed these years before I had access to a pattern.

I cut it out, I appliqued a bone on to it, and sewed on ribbon, patches and buttons. Sewed the cuff on the the white lining , sewed it all together, turned it. Tada!

Look a stocking.

My mother wanted to make another stocking for my grandma who is visiting, she cut it out and I designed the applique. She didn't have time to finish so I finished it for her.

Another Stocking! Yay!

Both Stockings.

Maisie Approved.