Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's A Groom's Life/ A regular saturday update.

Well our ride went well, no massive blow ups this week. And being in a saddle that fits me appropriately has done wonders for my position, and I'm much less sore, which counts for something. The group lessons are fun and at the end of the R has us do a little mini class, then gives us all a placing. Fame and I where next to dead last...for the second week in a row. But those gals have much more experience on me, not to mention that they are not riding Fame. My posting is good, I stayed in the saddle at the canter, it was tough walking but we worked it out. I feel like I'm steadily improving, and getting more and more control on my horse. My biggest weakness is rating that horse. He will do what I tell him with enthusiasm but he just does it at a million miles per hour.

I have also decided to use this blog to launch my old/new project. A Groom's Life. It will kinda be a series of pictures/comic shorts about the horse world as it relates to being in a show barn, and quirky horse behavior in general. I hope to do one weekly.

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lazytrainer said...

I love seeing a good comic...and it's totally true, too. Can't wait to see more!